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Do you like the idea of a weekly mass created to appeal to people who haven’t been to church for a while, or ever? Do you like the idea of experiencing the meaning and tradition of Catholic mass in a modern and vibrant context?

Mass with Impact is the weekly Sunday vigil mass (held on a Saturday night) of Sacred Heart Parish.
The Catholic Guy team organise this mass in conjunction with the Parish, to help add a modern and vibrant flavour. The music, communication style and special children’s program is designed to create a welcoming environment and meaningful experience.

About the Children’s Program

During Mass with Impact children are invited to participate in our special children’s program. When you arrive at the Church, a smiling leader from the Children’s program will be standing at the main Church door to answer questions and register children who wish to attend. Half way through the mass Children will be brought back to sit with their families for the second half of the mass. For parents who wish to keep young children with them during the mass, a special children’s area has been set aside so that parents and children can feel comfortable, even when the little ones make some extra noise.

Who is Welcome?

Anyone of any age and background is invited to experience the welcoming environment of Mass with Impact. Whilst the vibrancy of this mass is designed to appeal to those who might not often participate in the Church, anyone is welcome, just as they would be at any Catholic parish at any time.

About The Catholic Guy Impact Team

The Catholic Guy is the name that describes our founder, Bruce Downes, who is well known for the international television program ‘The Catholic Guy’. In many places around Australia groups (known as Impact Centres) have formed to join Bruce in the work of making the message of Jesus and the Church relevant to everyday life. The team hosts special events and regular gatherings to carry out this important mission. In Perth, ‘Mass with Impact’ is the major work of The Catholic Guy team. When you visit Mass with Impact, feel free to ask our team about other activities in Perth, and how to become involved if you wish to. Reverend Deacon Aaron Peters has been appointed by the Archbishop to The Catholic Guy Impact Team, and is one of the friendly faces you will see at Mass with Impact.

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